I want to thank every student for a another very enjoyable and rewarding year in 7th Grade Social Studies. I have been teaching 7th Graders at Clearview since 1975 and this was one of the nicest group of kids I’ve ever worked with. I hope that all of my students learned a lot and had fun at the same time. One thing I’ve learned is that good times pass by very quickly. Remember, September is “just around the corner so take full advantage of this opportunity to relax and enjoy your summer vacation!

The movie video is a very large Quicktime file. If you don’t have Quicktime Player on your computer, click on the link above. Quicktime Player is a free download. If you have a Cable or DSL connection, you will be able to download and view the file fairly quickly. If you have a dial-up connection... well it’s going to take a while! Always remember to “Keep your dopey book bags on the floor!”

Lost - The Story of 7th Grade Social Studies 2009-2010

If you don’t have Quicktime Player on your computer CLICK HERE to download! It’s FREE!