Team Avalanche Helps Hercules

In Deptford, township officials recently found an American bulldog trapped in a crate in the basement of a home. The puppy had been reduced to skin and bones as he lay in his own waste. The owner was charged with six counts altogether of animal cruelty.

According to a statement released Tuesday by Rick Yocum, President of the New Jersey SPCA, Hercules was found locked in a small crate, covered in his own feces and urine, and infested with fleas. The fleas had caused anemia, SPCA investigators said, and Hercules was emaciated and dehydrated. “He was literally skin and bones with little or no muscle mass,” Yocum’s release said. Hercules was anemic and could not stand on his own when animal control officers removed him. He is being treated by Dr. Stephen Milden at the Delaware Valley Veterinary Hospital in Mullica Hill, where he underwent surgery to his elbow.

Hercules visited Clearview on Career Day. “He is responding well to treatment,” Dr. Milden said. The students were excited to see how well he has responded. “Hercules has reached a weight of 50 pounds. He is still underweight and not yet fully recovered. Our goal is to find him a good home went he has recovered from his injuries!”.

The New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will continue to seek funds to help pay Hercules’ medical bills. Team Avalanche students became aware of Hercules’ plight recently and began to donate their spare change from lunch to help. “The response of our kids has been nothing short of fantastic,” said Mrs. Bills, Team Avalanche’s Reading teacher, “We sent the SPCA a money order for $150.00!”

Anyone interested in donating can visit and click “Donate today.”

Team Avalanche students’ donate $150 to the SPCA for “Hercules”

This Heart breaking photo, brought tears to the eyes of several students. They are glad Hercules is getting some help and some love now.