To Kill a Mockingbird


The story

Movie Summary

Character Profiles

Metaphor Analysis

Theme Analysis



Story Cube Activity

Diversity Month Activity
To Kill a Mockingbird
A novel by Harper Lee
A Film directed by Robert Mulligan
Read the character profiles
1930’s - during the Great Depression
Trial of Tom Robinson - Civil Rights - Prejudice - Racism
Maycomb County, Alabama, USA
A classic story of American Literature and Cinema
To increase awareness of diversity in our society
To explore how the rights defined in the U.S. Constitution have been interpreted and applied over the years
Viewing the movie - To Kill a Mockingbird
Reading the Study Guide
Class discussions
Creating a Story Cube

Why Watch to Kill a Mockingbird
Clearview Middle School has been selected by the the Gloucester County prosecutor’s office as a pilot school to initiate school based programs in diversity and tolerance. Our school is committed to providing an environment of acceptance for all students regardless of race, religion, or gender. February 2006 was designated a “Diversity Month” to our children achieve these goals. The lessons involve viewing and discussing the literary and cinema classic, To Kill a Mockingbird, have been created by the American Film Institute and modified by Mr. Sullivan to relate to our 8th Grade Social Studies curriculum that includes the study of the United States Constitution. Should you have any questions about this stimulating activity, please contact Mr. Sullivan at 856-223-0377 - Ext. 538.
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